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Hate property inspections? Let True Property Management do it for you

Buying a rental property is a significant investment.

A massive investment in fact.

So you need to know your tenants are looking after it.

But the thing is, you’re busy.

You work full-time; you have family commitments, perhaps you coach your son’s rugby team.

True Property - Hate property inspections? Let True Property Management do it for you

Managing your investments is a full-time job on top of all that.

When your tenant first moves in, you keep on top of everything, but slowly but surely things get postponed.

You don’t visit them. They don’t call with any issues.

Then they move out, and you realise why they haven’t called.

Your beautiful property is completely trashed.

It takes weeks to clean it up and get it rented again.

This situation happens more than you think and it can be avoided just by carrying out regular inspections.

If you don’t have the time or if it just keeps getting shoved to the bottom of your already bulging to-do list, you need to give True Property Management a call.

How we carry out inspections

Inspecting your rental is an important part of security and peace of mind.

If your property is vacant, then we visit it each week and make sure everything is secure and in perfect condition.

When tenants have been living there for three months, we will inspect every six months.

What we look for during an inspection

We make notes and report back to you:

  • Urgent and non-urgent maintenance tasks that need doing now
  • Any renovation jobs that will be required in the future (to give you time to plan)
  • If the tenants are keeping the property to an acceptable standard

Annual Inspections

We recommend having a building inspection done every year or every 3-5 years depending on how old your property is and what condition it’s in.

Doing this makes sure the building is safe and will highlight any maintenance issues that you can’t necessarily see.

These problems could be tax-deductible, so it’s worth looking into.

Have the heating, cleaning gutters, etc. services every year and watch the landscaping – do large trees and shrubs need pruning or creeping ivy need taming?

It gets out of control quickly, so staying on top of it is the best solution.

Keep in mind that the outside grounds are a big part of the appeal to tenants and can add thousands to the capital value.


Exit Inspections

When tenants give notice, we do a pre-vacating inspection. This allows us to:

  • Decide if any essential work is required before we can seek new tenants
  • Highlight any areas for the tenants to get back to pre-arrival condition (normal wear and tear excluded)

When the tenants do vacate, a detailed exit inspection is carried out.

We do this to make sure the property is returned in an acceptable condition.

If any damage or cleaning is necessary, we’ll apply the appropriate deductions from the bond.

We are very thorough in the process of inspections as we feel that this a key way to ensure the property will:

  • Appreciate in value
  • Provide maximum market rent
  • Attract quality tenants – which often means long-term tenants
  • Vacancy periods are reduced, increasing your income

Are you worried you don’t have enough time to spend managing ¬†your investment properties yourself? Contact True Property to find out how we can help you.


Look after your property with inspections

Have regular inspections at your rental property

When you own a rental property it is important to carry out regular inspections. If you have regular inspections you will be able see how your tenants are looking after the place and keep on top of any repairs that may need doing.

Usually inspections are carried out every 3-6 months and you should always give adequate notice to your tenants of when their inspection is due.

What does an inspection involve?

When inspecting your property, the main focus is on repairs and maintenance. Ask your tenants if they have any concerns and if they have noticed anything that needs fixing. Walk through the whole property and make notes of anything that needs doing. Ensure your tenants are keeping the property in good condition and there are no violations of their rental agreement.

Look around outside the property too and make sure the lawns are mowed and gardens taken care of. It depends on your rental agreement as to whose responsibility the gardens are. Make sure your tenant is keeping up their end of the agreement and if you have a garden service doing it, make sure they are doing a good job. Once a year, carry out some annual maintenance tasks such as cleaning the gutters and pruning any large trees.

Exit Inspections

When tenants give notice on your property, carry out a pre-vacating inspection. Make a list of all repairs that need to be made before a new tenant can move in. The tenant moving out should leave the property close to pre-arrival condition. This may not always be the case due to normal wear and tear but they should make every effort to do their best.

When the tenants move out, carry out a detailed exit inspection and anything that falls outside of normal wear and tear can be deducted from their bond.

By carrying out regular inspections, you will ensure maintenance is done in a timely manner. Checkup on tenants to make sure they are not damaging the place and that they leave the property in perfect conditions ready for the next tenants to move in. This will minimize how long your property stays vacant in-between tenants, and also attract quality tenants in the first place.

How often do you carry out inspections?