What do tenants actually want in a rental?


The thing about being successful in business is giving your customers what they want.

Being a landlord is no different.

Every city and suburb are different, so tenants will be looking for various things.

Warm areas want A/C and cold areas want a fireplace or sufficient heating in winter.

Backyard entertaining area

We all love the outdoors and having a great entertaining area in the garden will delight tenants.

This will be more important from now on with summer on the way.

If you are looking for new tenants now, spend some time making the garden gorgeous for summer.

Sufficient storage space

Storage is always going to be a problem for everyone. We all have way too many belongings, and there is never enough room to put our things so it’s no surprise that having sufficient storage space what tenants are looking for.

If your rental has no built-in wardrobes and you only have one cupboard to store everything, you’ll need to get some extra storage space added. This will be vital to attracting the right tenants.

What are tenants looking for?

Tenants are like house buyers, they are looking for the similar things in a property. They want a safe, well-maintained property in a good area that is close to amenities. Different demographics will want different things. A family will need enough bedrooms and decent size living area while a young professional will need a secure building with parking close to the CBD. When you are looking at purchasing an investment property, how do the features compare to other rentals in the area?

Would you live there?

Look at the property from your tenant’s perspective, would you live there? You don’t have to love the style of the house, but would you live there as a person renting? Is there a good heating/cooling unit? Is there a place to enjoy a beverage outside on a balmy evening? Is there a place to park your car? What about storing camping gear, bikes and other equipment? Is there are sensible layout? Do you have to walk through a bedroom to get to the only toilet in the house?

What other features have you heard tenants say are non-negotiable?


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