5 ways to get prospective tenants in the gate

True Property - 5 ways to attract prospective tenants to the gate

When you have a property to rent, you may think it’s a case of ‘list it, and they will come.’ And they might very well come, and then turn around and drive away again.

Tenants can have their pick of rentals, and they have high standards. If your rental is not up to scratch, they will leave without even looking at it.

To get prospective tenants in the door, you’ll have to dress up your curb and make sure your property looks welcoming and livable.

Here are 5 ways to attract tenants in the gate.

1. Paint the gate

This may be obvious, but the best way to get tenants in the gate is to have a beautiful gate! Slap on a fresh coat of paint, or pressure wash it. Make it look brand spanking new. Then make sure all of the hinges are working and not squeaky and that the catch works. There’s nothing worse than trying to open a gate that won’t open and hangs awkwardly.
If you don’t have a gate, just make sure the path is clean and easy to walk on.


2. Tidy up the front garden

Make sure the lawns are mowed and edges cut. Have someone weed the garden and make sure it is in tip-top shape. You can even plant a few flowers if you want to impress, but they aren’t everyone’s cup of tea so the tenant that moves in may just pull them out. If you already have plants and trees in the garden, cut them back, so they don’t look untidy.


3. Install outside lights

At this time of year, it still gets dark early so if tenants are viewing the property after work, makes sure you have some lights on so they can a) see where they are going, and b) get an idea of what it looks like. You can get some inexpensive solar lights that will do the job.


4. Update hardware

It sounds obvious but installing a shiny new door handle with locking mechanism will do wonders for your curb appeal. Also, replace rusty light fixtures and change the house number if it’s getting too old. Make sure all the lights work, and install new light bulbs on the ones that aren’t.


5. Clean your exterior

If you have the time and money, repainting your whole property will go a long way. If it is not due to be painted, giving it a good pressure wash will also do the trick. Get rid of any mould that may be growing and clean all the windows thoroughly too.


If you need help getting your rental ready to show tenants, contact us and let us show you what you need to do.


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