How to keep pests out of your rental property

True Property - How to keep pests out of your rental property

There are lots of things to think about when buying a new investment property – is it in the right school district? Can you really afford it? Do you want an apartment or a house? Then once your offer has been accepted, you then have to get building inspections to double and triple check everything is how it should be. After all that, before you’re ready to close the deal, there’s one last check you really have to get done – the dreaded pest inspection.

You might think you don’t really need one but it’s definitely worth the investment. When your inspection comes back clear and you purchase the property, it’s important to work with your tenant to keep the house pest-free.

Keep a close eye on it

Make sure you carry out regular inspections to make sure your tenants are taking care of everything. Part of this quarterly inspection can be to check for pests as well. Check for any damp areas where cockroaches may live and if you see insects, such as ants, take action immediately. The sooner you get rid of them the better.

Don’t feed them

This may sound obvious, but pests generally only move in when there is easy access to food. Make sure all food is sealed in air-tight containers and get rid of all cardboard boxes that may be lying around after your tenants have moved in. Cockroaches love boxes and can take over fairly quickly. Clean up food spills straight away and don’t leave dirty dishes lying around either. Vacuuming regularly will help get rid of crumbs too. If there is no food (and water for that matter) around, the pests won’t stay.

Repair damage ASAP

If you have any cracks in your floorboards or walls, get them repaired as quickly as you can. Fix any holes in doors or windows and get rid of that clutter! It’s a good excuse to spring clean. There are always more pests around in summer than winter so get ready by clearing out any unwanted newspapers and old furniture now before summer arrives.

What other tips do you have for preventing a pest infestation?


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