How to be an awesome landlord so tenants are desperate to rent from you

True Property - How to be an awesome landlord so tenants are desperate to rent from you

Did you realise that as soon as you get your first tenant, you are officially a business owner? Many people don’t make that connection and view their rental business as a hobby or maybe a retirement plan.

When you change your mindset and start treating your business as a business, you will find greater success. To be great in business, you must focus on relationship building before profits.

Here are 3 tips to be that awesome landlord everyone wants to rent from.

1. Always screen tenants

Start as you mean to go on and only rent to the best of the best. If you property is in good condition and in an attractive area, you will never be short of tenants wanting to live there. The trick is to have a strict screening process in place so you can weed out unsuitable people. Have a clear idea of who you want to rent from you and adhere to those conditions. Always check their references and ensure they haven’t had any recent evictions and always pay on time.

2. Look after your tenants when they move in

When you find the perfect tenant, look after them. Present them with a welcome pack when they move in and stay in contact with them without being overbearing. This is your business, so treat your clients with respect and they will be loyal for many years to come.

In the welcome pack you give your tenants, include a list of your rules. They can’t follow the rules if they don’t know what they are. Be clear about your expectations from the start.

Always show compassion to your tenants without letting them take advantage of you. If they are a day late on the rent, be considerate and take the circumstances into account. If they are late on the rent every single month, then you need to take action.

3. Keep up with maintenance

When you keep up with your end of the bargain, your tenants will keep up with theirs. Keeping up with maintenance and responding to their requests in a timely manner will ensure they will look after the place as well. If the repairs aren’t an emergency situation, always arrange a convenient time to come and inspect the problem. Your tenants will love it if you respect them and their time and don’t just stop in unannounced.

What ONE thing have you done lately to ensure your rental business runs smoothly?


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