Is your data secure?

True Property - Is your data secure?

Landlords often have access to all of their tenants’ confidential and private information so it is important to keep it secure in case of theft or hackers.

Use secure passwords

The most obvious thing to do is to keep your computer secure. Always use hard-to-guess
passwords and keep important information locked in a separate file. If your computer is connected to a network it’s important to be aware of who else has access to your data, and make sure you always update your systems to the latest version.

As I said before, using secure passwords is a great habit to get into. However, trying to keep track of lots of different passwords for everything gets very confusing, very quickly. Using software such as LastPass or 1Password will help you keep track of what password is for what and if you have trouble thinking of a good one, your password software will generate a secure password for you and save it in your vault. LassPass or 1Password is also a secure way to share passwords if you need to give someone else access. You can share the passwords you need to and the other ones stay secure.

Keep your laptop secure

Keep an eye on your laptops and cell phones. They are very easy to steal so you want to have a good tracking system, or at the very least, make sure you can lock them remotely so any thief that takes it can’t access your information and that of your tenants.

Keep hard copies in a safe

If you have hard copies of your tenants’ details, such as their original application form, make sure these are also locked away in a secure location such as a safe. Always know how many copies of keys there are, and who holds them. If this information falls into the wrong hands it can be devastating and traumatic for the people involved.

Shred paperwork that is no longer needed

When a tenant moves out of your property and you no longer require their details always ensure any paperwork is properly shredded. This will give you both peace of mind that nothing will be accessed by people it shouldn’t be.

How do you keep your tenants’ information secure? Have you had any ‘close calls’ with information falling into the wrong hands?



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