Automatic Garage Doors – They’re a ‘Nice to Have’ at Your Rental

True Property - Automatic Garage Doors - They're a 'Nice to Have' at Your Rental

When you are a landlord, it can be tempting to install all the latest gadgets in your rental to make it appealing for tenants. Sometimes though, this can cause more problems than not, such as putting a pool in. Will your tenants take care of it and clean it regularly, or will they leave it for you to sort out?

It’s the same with having an automatic garage door – it isn’t really a ‘must have’, it’s a ‘nice to have’. If there is a garage at your rental, it will probably be automatic and has potential to cause problems. When there are issues, they usually need to be corrected immediately, especially if the garage has internal access.

I’m sure you think that everything will be fine and your tenants will love it. What could possibly go wrong?

  • Lost remotes are the biggest problem. This happens a lot more often than you might think so it is fairly easy to replace. You need to add a clause to your lease to explain if you will replace it, or if you are going to make your tenant pay for the loss.
  • No springs or cable, means no door opening. Get broken springs repaired ASAP.
  • Did one of your tenants reverse into the garage door, breaking a panel or badly denting the door? It has been done before and it means you will need to call in the repair team.
  • When the garage track/rollers are bent they will not function smoothly and over time the garage door will cease to function, which is likely to make the issue worse.
  • If you have a seal around the door then make sure you keep an eye on it. Over time it will break down and it will stop doing its job. It not only keeps out rain and wind, but will keep out rodents and other pests too.

Having a well-functioning garage door is a good deterrent for thieves getting inside the property. No one wants that on their hands, especially the tenants. By demonstrating that you take good care of every aspect of your investment you are sending a message to the neighbourhood that you look after your tenants.

Have you ever had issues with an automatic garage door? If your rental has a manual door would you consider upgrading to an automatic one?


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