Thinking of evicting your tenant? It’s not that black and white.

True Property - evicting tenants

Ending a relationship is hard to do. Most of the time, it doesn’t come down to one thing, but a number of small things that drive you crazy about the other person that makes you realise you need to put an end to it. Deciding when to get rid of a tenant is more or less the same.

If a tenant is behind in their rent, has turned the property into a rubbish dump or uses the property as a headquarters for illegal activity, he or she is definitely a candidate for eviction. However, it is rare that things are so black and white. Landlords will more likely deliberate over whether there are sufficient grounds for eviction or whether they are being unfair.

What is crucial when evicting a tenant?

Think about the property. How difficult would it be to get another tenant in? Specifically, consider the type of tenant your property usually attracts. If it is a mansion with a luxury spa and tennis court, the prospective tenants are people you would expect to always have money for the rent. Whereas, if the property is tiny in a dodgy part of town and attracts tenants who barely make rent each week, it may be worth it negotiate with the current tenant on rent payments.

The tenants themselves should be considered. If they have just moved in and are already the subject of numerous complaints, they need to go. However, if they are long-term tenants with a history of being reliable with rent payments and good behaviour, think about arranging a meeting to ask if there is a problem with their situation.

If the property has multiple units, every unit must pay for itself. If you let one tenant slide on the rent, the danger is that other tenants may also start becoming less conscientious about when their rent is due. This is especially so if they find out you have cut one of the other tenants some slack.

No one likes to be the “bad guy”, but no one likes losing money either. Sometimes it simply has to be done.

When was the last time you had to evict a tenant?


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