Is it a good investment to buy new or renovate?

True Property -Is it a good investment to buy new or renovate?

There are many different ways to get on the property ladder. You can look at a brand new property in a new development or find an older, lower priced property that needs some TLC.

This is where your property investing strategy would come into play. The new property is very attractive as it’s all fresh and sparkly. You can also use depreciation to your advantage when it comes to tax time and looks great to potential tenants. However, since it’s in a new development, maybe the location may not be desirable.

The renovation property needs a lot of work and since you’ve been watching all of the renovation TV shows lately, the idea of taking a tired property and making it fantastic seems like a great project, especially if it’s in the right location.

So how do you decide?

Take a look at the numbers. How do they stack up? Once you have bought it, paid out everything you need to, and have tenants in place how does it look?

Buy Brand New?

Keep in mind that when you buy a brand new out of the box house in a new development, the first tenants will pay premium rates. It’s not until maybe the 3rd set of tenants come through, that you will get a true idea of what the rent will be over the long haul. This is due to seeing how the other properties in the development are doing, and what rent they are receiving. So keep this in mind when you are running the numbers.

Or tackle a reno?

When it comes to your Renovation Special, keep in mind that you don’t really know what you’re going to find until you strip the house back. Yes, doing a house inspection is critical, but like all renovations, you need to factor in more of a cost for the unexpected. How will those unexpected costs impact your numbers?

Another thing to keep in mind is your ability to handle stress, especially if you plan on tackling the reno yourself. This stress and your other daily commitments may make buying a brand new property far more appealing.

I wouldn’t recommend a first-time property investor to take on a major renovation project. This is because you do not have the experience (unless you’re a builder who does this for a living). Having said that of course, if you employed someone to find the property, run the numbers, get quotes on the work, oversee the work, and rent it out, then maybe that would work for you.

There is no easy choice when deciding on what property to buy if you are looking at 2 completely different properties. That’s why looking at your overall investing strategy will help you make the final call.

Have you had to choose between two different properties? How did you make the choice?


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