What are good landscaping ideas for a rental property?

True Property - What are good landscaping ideas for a rental property?
An attractive garden will no doubt appeal to tenants wanting to rent your property. However, tenants usually aren’t prepared to carry on with the upkeep.

Landlords often request an easy to maintain garden because they find tenants don’t look after it. The trick is not to make the area look like a ‘prison yard’ – with some paving and one or two small plants lost in a desert of gravel.

If your rental property already has stunning gardens which you want to have maintained to a high standard, you may want to consider giving your tenants ‘added value’ by paying for a gardener to maintain them and building this into the rent. This depends on who your ideal tenant is and if they would be happy with that.

If you don’t already have a nice garden, here are some landscaping ideas to keep thing low-maintenance.

  • Go for the natural look, since a formal garden requires trimming and pruning.
    Rather than digging organic material into clay soil, make raised beds with a combination of topsoil and organic compost.
  • Make shrubs and small ornamental trees the backbone of your garden, not flowers.
  • Under plant shrubs with ground covers to keep down weeds.
  • Don’t grow plants that need staking, pruning or de-heading. If you already have plants there, ask the tenant if they want to keep them, otherwise pull them out.
  • Reduce lawn areas and substitute with evergreen ground covers or hard paving, pebbles or shell.
  • Look at what grows naturally in your area and reproduce it in your garden, drafts of native grasses will regenerate and look natural
  • Eliminate allergy causing plants the last thing you need is tenants moving out due to hay fever striking every time they step into the garden!
  • Use weed mat or mulch around plants to save irrigation and suppress weed growth

If you are still in doubt or have concerns contact us, and we will put you onto a reputable landscaper in your area to assist you.

What other ways do you make the outside area of your rental property easy to take care of?


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