Tips on presenting your rental property

True Property -Tips on presenting your rental property

When a tenant visits your property, first impressions matter. It goes without saying that well-presented properties will get higher rent and will usually attract high-quality tenants.

The first step in deciding how to present your rental is to determine who your ideal tenant is. Certain tenants would rather save money and live in a cheaper property that may not be up to the same standard as what a professional person would want. You don’t want to rent to anyone and everyone. When you narrow it down and know who you are targeting, presenting your property becomes a whole lot easier.

Here are some tips to make sure your property appeals to your ideal tenant:

  • Get your curb appeal up to scratch. People do judge books by their covers so make your rental beautiful and appealing when they first drive by. How your rental looks from the street will determine if prospective tenants will even stop their car.
  • If you are going to paint, go the whole hog. The thing about paint is that when you paint some areas and not others, it’s really obvious. Use neutral colours as they will appeal to most people.
  • Repair leaky taps, broken light fittings, and loose door handles. Replace all of the lightbulbs that blown. Clean out the gutters and fix torn fly screens. All of these little maintenance issues are better to sort out now while no one is living there, and before they become big issues.
  • Get rid of odours that you may not notice but prospective tenants will, such as cigarette or pet smells. As we mentioned in our last post, it may be worth having the carpets and curtains cleaned, neither of which is very expensive.

What other presentation tips do you think are crucial to attracting your ideal tenant?

Visit our website for more property presentation tips and other resources for the property investor.


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