How to choose a tradie for your rental renovations

True Property -How to choose a tradie for your rental renovations

Everyone love a good DIY project but when it comes to your rental (and your income), you might want to call in the big guns. Yes, we know you can do the work yourself but if your rental is vacant you want to get the work done ASAP so you can start advertising.

First of all, decide what exactly you need to have done, then it is a matter of choosing the best person for the job.

Start with friends and family

Always get recommendations from people you know first. If someone has done an exceptional job, your friends will rave about them. Check online at business review sites such as Word Of Mouth Online (WOMO) and get recommendations there, if no one you know personally can help.

Get background information

Once you have a few tradies in mind, do some more research to find out more about them:

  • Check if they have had any complaints.
  • See if you can meet the tradie who will do the work to get a feel for what they are like. Trust your guy. If you have a bad feeling about them, find someone else.
  • Make sure they have the proper insurance. While most companies will, it always pays to find out for sure. Your landlord insurance probably won’t cover damage by tradies so make sure they are covered.

Get a quotation

This goes without saying. Always get a detailed quote or estimate in writing. If you are looking at a few tradies you may want to create a simple spreadsheet or word document to keep track of everything and compare and contrast between the different companies to find out who will be the best fit. Remember, cheapest is not necessarily the best way to go as the quality of the work is equally important.

After you have hired them

Once you have found someone you like and have agreed to their terms, then the work can commence. Document as much of it as possible. Take photos and keep a log of work carried out. Get any changes in writing to make sure you are both on the same page, especially in terms of deadline – which is important if you have tenants waiting to move in, or are losing out on rental income while the renovations are being completed.

Have you had success with hiring tradies? What do you look for when choosing one?


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