Do you really need to stage your rental?

True Property - Do you really need to stage your rental

We all have seen the photos of houses for rent online, with the washing piled up and boxes in the corner of the room. You can’t tell what the features of the property are from the mess. How many potential tenants would be turned off by those photos? Then what do you do when you show them around?

If your potential tenants show up only to find the house a mess and filled to the brim with stuff do you think they will want to rent the place? Probably not.

It’s not hard to make a good impression, just look at it from your prospect’s point of view. What would you like to see? Hopefully, your current tenants are happy to work with you, – the more they tidy up now, the less they have to do when it comes time to move. And if you are there to help motivate them, they will get the job done faster.

Clear space and declutter

Take a look around the property – inside and out and get rid of the clutter. Minimise what is on shelves and get rid of the rubbish. If your tenant wants to keep anything, box it up and put it into storage.

Make space in the kitchen by getting the appliances off the bench. Put away the toaster, coffee machine and blender, you want to highlight the bench space.

Everyone has so many electronic devices these days, the cables can pile up and make a mess. Take away everything you don’t need and tie up the others with cable ties so they look neat and tidy.

Define each area

If you have an open plan space, make sure you define each of the areas. Kitchen area, eating area and living area. Arrange furniture so that it is logical and provides space to get around. Overstuffed couches may be comfy, but they take up too much space. Minimise what you can, take out a chair or two to give the impression of more space.

Open the curtains

Let the sunshine in! Clean the windows, open the blinds all the way – allow as much sunlight in as possible. ‘Light and airy’ will rent the property faster than ‘dark and dingy’

Take care of the landscaping

Mow the lawn, weed the gardens, and tidy up what you can. You want the potential tenants to walk into the house, not drive on by.

Once you have made the house as tidy as possible THEN take some great photos for your online marketing. There is no point taking photos before you do the above work because no one will want to come to view your rental.

What is your best tip to get your property looking appealing for new tenants?


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