Attracting great tenants starts with you

True Property - Attracting great tenants starts with you

You have a great property and now you need to fill it with a great tenant. Someone who will take care of your property and stay there for some time – great tenants are attracted to properties with specific qualities.


How do you treat your tenants?

If you owned a store and a potential customer was looking to buy a $15,000 item, how would you treat them? I’m guessing that once you realised they were serious, you would try them pretty well. If your tenant is paying you $300 a week rent, over 12 months that’s $15,000 dollars. But not only are they paying you money and paying the mortgage, but they are giving you all the appreciation value for free. It’s important that you treat your customer well. It seems that landlords often see their tenants as annoying and an inconvenience.

Did you stop and think about how you dress when you meet your tenants and potential tenants? Have you ever turned up in a greasy t-shirt and bare feet? What does that say about you and how you want your property to be treated?

Tenants will judge how well maintained your property is by the way you present yourself – both in appearance and in attitude. Present yourself well, and it will help you get what you are looking for.

Be organised

People can smell disorganisation a mile away. You’re meeting a potential tenant – you are 10 minutes late, your car is a mess, and you can’t find the paperwork you are looking for. What does that say about you and your property? Conversely, you arrive early, the place is open, your checklists and application forms a neatly laid out on the bench, you efficiently go through the features of the property and what is expected of tenants, and the good tenants will stick around.

Confident and professional

Present yourself as a confident professional and it will make tenants feel reassured and know what is expected of them. Present a disheveled chaotic persona and the bad tenants know they can treat your property with the same manner.
There is a lot to be said for personal attitude. If you don’t think you can present yourself as a professional, organized and efficient landlord, consider a property manager – an organized and professional one! They can make the world of difference.

How do you present yourself to your tenants and future tenants?


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