Dealing with mould this winter

dealing with mould in winter

Mould is one of those things that seem harmless enough but can be disastrous if left untreated. It can cause everything from personal symptoms such as  eye, nose and throat irritations, to major problems with the structure of your property. It is not something to be taken lightly and dealing with it as quickly as possible will save a lot of time and heartache later.

Both you and your tenant have a responsibility to keep on top of mould problems. Your tenant does not want health issues, or mould to start growing on their belongings and you don’t want it ruining your rental.

It is the landlord’s responsibility to rent a property that is fit for habitation so if you don’t have tenants living there you may want to give every surface a good scrub to prevent mould before tenants move in. After that, it becomes the tenant’s responsibility to keep the house properly maintained.

So, what can you and your tenant do to make sure your mould problem doesn’t get out of hand this winter?

How to prevent mould

The best way to stop build up of mould is to make sure the property is adequately ventilated. This means installing good ventilation fans in the kitchen and bathrooms. Tenants can also open their windows during the day to stop condensation, but if they live on the ground floor where security may be an issue, you need to provide secure latches so they can leave the window open yet outside people can’t break in. Your tenant can also use a de-humidifier, which may help in particularly damp areas.

How to clean mould

You can clean your walls of any mould build up by mixing bleach and water and using it to scrub the mould away. Mix 1 part bleach with 3 parts water and use a scrubbing-brush to get rid of all the mould. There are often disputes about whose responsibility it is to clean mould so you will have to take this into consideration when leasing your property.

What steps will you take today to ensure a mould-free winter?


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