How to winterise your rental property

Winter is coming!


The biggest concern for many landlords is keeping their tenants warm and healthy during winter. Many rentals are older houses, often without proper insulation, so it can cost tenants a fortune in heating costs.

Install New Insulation

When you buy a new rental, check what insulation it has. If it is old, replace it straight away before any tenants move in. That way you are ready for winter right off the bat. If you have tenants living there, they will appreciate it if you replace the insulation for them. Having nice, new insulation will help keep their electricity bill low during winter.

Plan Preventative Maintenance

It is important to carry out preventative maintenance on your rental before winter sets in. We have lovely weather during autumn in Melbourne so make a plan to get all the work down now. You don’t want to have an avoidable mishap in the middle of winter, especially if it will leave your tenant unable to live in their home while it is repaired.

Things to think about for preventative maintenance include:

  • Check the roof for leaks – it is much easier to fix a small leak than to have a major problem later on.
  • Clean gutters – install a gutter guard to keep all the leaves from blocking the gutters, then once all the leaves have fallen do a big clean up of the gutters to get any other leaves out.
  • Check and clean the chimney if the property has one.
  • Check and service the heating system – replace the air filters and have the system serviced at least every 2 years.
  • Insulate pipes – especially where the hot water runs. Energy can escape from there so insulating pipes will save your tenant money.
  • Prune trees near the house – especially branches that may fall down during a heavy storm.
  • Test all of the smoke detectors – replace batteries and check they are working properly. When daylight savings starts/finishes is a good time to get into the habit of checking these. State clearly in your rental agreement if the tenant is responsible for this or if you will be.

What other things can you do to get your rental property ready for winter?


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