Has this warm summer left your tenant with some pesky housemates?

Get rid your your unwanted guests this summer.

We wait all year for summer. And when it finally arrives after months of rain and darkness so do the flies.  And the cockroaches. And the mozzies. They arrive by the thousands, sometimes by the hundreds of thousands and can drive a person mad buzzing and swarming around. It is worse when you want to cook or have a BBQ, then they arrive by the millions.

But what can you do when your tenant complains about pest problems? Apart from wishing for the first frost and winter to arrive in a hurry, there are some other tricks you can do.

Keep Your House Immaculate

No matter how tidy your tenant keeps your house and no matter how much they obsessively clean, these pests will find a way to live and breed in your house. Of course, cleaning up any food spills straight away and not leaving dishes in the sink overnight will try to keep pests at bay – every little bit helps.

Get Rid of Flies

While you will never get rid of flies completely, there are some things you can do to minimize the infestation. Burning citronella works wonders and keeping your doors and windows closed while cooking will keep them all outside. Your best bet with flies is to invest in a good quality fly screen to put on doors and windows, or your tenant can run the AC, if they have it, and keep everything closed up.

Get Rid of Roaches

Being able to survive nuclear war is no mean feat (makes you wonder what is in cockroach-killing bug spray) but not everyone wants to use chemicals in their house, especially if they have small children running around. Make sure the tenant wipes down the kitchen countertop with white vinegar and put all the plugs in the sinks and drains to prevent them walking up the pipes. They love water and moisture so keeping the house as dry as possible is the best way to stop these guys in their tracks.

If they still get through, using boric acid will get rid of them. BoricAcid.net.au say: “Boric acid is one of the most versatile household products with many uses. It’s a pesticide, herbicide, fungicide and antibacterial agent all in one. It’s also 100% natural.”  Boric Acid will also get rid of ants and fleas so if you are really having a pest problem, this could be your one-stop shop.

Get Rid of Mosquitos 

Nothing says summer like an influx of mosquitos. Camping trips and long lazy days at the beach look great in photos but pretty much everyone has been victim of a dreaded itchy bite at least once in their life. While here in Australia, an itchy bite is the worst that can happen, if you travel overseas to places like Africa you run the risk of getting malaria as well. That being said, an itchy bite can drive a person insane and if you are anything like me, you can’t help scratching.

I can pretty much guarantee  you will never get rid of mozzies, but you can avoid them by keeping windows and doors closed, especially at night. Spraying Deet will work but it’s highly toxic and not recommended for daily use. You can try a natural repellant such as lemon eucalyptus oil or other essential oils like lavender, peppermint, or citronella. If that doesn’t work then put a fan on because they can’t fly well.

So there are a few ideas of how to help your tenants deal with pests this summer.

What are your best home remedies for getting rid of unwanted housemates?



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