Renting a home – A guide for tenants

In Victoria we have a fantastic resource called the Consumer Affairs Victoria. It has a lot of valuable information, but one of the many resources  I would like to highlight is a pdf that is designed to give tenants a guide for what is expected of them when they rent a property.

It is called “Renting a home A guide for tenants.” It is a fantastic resource  not just for tenants but for landlords as well. I recommend if you are a new landlord that you print off copy read it yourself and also  hand a copy to your new tenant. While you’re at it,  email your tenants a link to the pdf.

guide for tenants

The guide is comprehensive and covers everything from beginning a tenancy to ending a tenancy with the responsibilities for both tenants and landlords. It gives advice on solving problems and even calculating minimum notice periods. It’s 44 pages of fantastic information.

So even though this document is targeted to tenants, you will learn a lot of very valuable information if you are new to being a landlord.

For other states, you can find more information HERE.

So what are your favourite resources that you like to give to your tenants?


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