How to Make a Small House Appear Larger

how to make a small house appear largerIf you own an investment property that you want to rent out, you want to get the best price possible and you want to have a selection of good quality tenants to choose from. Things like location of the property and any amenities you have will all help you to make more money from your investment but what can  you do if your property is on the small side? Well, good news! There are a few decorating tricks you can apply to ensure you get what your rental is worth.


Get rid of anything that doesn’t belong. The less stuff you have in your place, the bigger it will appear. Tidy up and have only simple furniture. Be creative with your space to make the tenants believe they are getting more space. Show them what the space could be used for. A room will feel bigger if it has a few larger items compared to many small ones.

Keep it light

Paint the walls in light colours such as white or beige and keeping the windows uncovered will create the illusion of depth in a small room. Adding colour will shrink the space whereas white bounces off the light and makes it feel bigger and brighter. A small house will feel bigger if you have wide open spaces outside but if you have to hang curtains for privacy, keep them light and airy.


Having one room that doubles up as another is a good way to save on space. Have a small dining table that can be put away when not in use to convert the dining room into a living room. Or, if you work from home you want to be able to pack your desk away and leave the space free for entertaining.

What design tricks have you done to make your place look larger and more appealing to potential tenants?


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