Getting Your Property Ready to Sell at an Auction

Getting Your Property Ready to Sell at an Auction

Following on from Buying a Property at an Auction, what can you do if you are on the other side and are selling a property at an auction?  This could either be an investment property that you want to let go, or your primary residence. Whichever it is, you really want to make sure your property is looking its best, so doing some basic maintenance will make all the difference.

Clean the house

Obviously, the first thing to do is give the property a thorough cleaning. It may be worth it to get professional carpet and curtain cleaners in to give it a proper going over. Scrub any mould or mildew that may be in the bathroom and empty all kitchen cupboards to give everything a good clean.  If you are selling the property before it has been emptied, then make sure you clean everything that’s in it. Dust all furniture and wipe any ornaments and decorations. This includes the tops of picture frames and be sure to get any fingerprints or other marks off the TV! On the day of the auction, spray an odour-eliminating spray to get rid of any smells, especially if there have been pets in the house.

Basic Maintenance

Check all taps to make sure they are not leaky and loose. Look at all the tiles and scrub them if they need it and re-attach any that might have come unstuck. Turn on all the lights to make sure the light bulbs all work. Look at the extractor fans if they are installed.  If there’s an air conditioning unit, make sure that the filters are taken out and give them a thorough cleaning too.

Tend to Gardens

Spend a lot of time outside getting everything just right. People see the front of the house first so make that your prime focus. You don’t want people turned off before they even get there! Mow the lawns, trim edges and weed all the gardens. Make it look as welcoming as you possibly can. Get rid of all rubbish before the auction. Check everything is tidy outside and put away in its proper place. Don’t forget to sweep out the garage and outside shed too!

Have I missed anything? Comment below and leave me your essential cleaning tips to get ready for an auction. Even if you are having an open home for your rental property or some potential buyers are coming to look, the same principles apply.




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