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We can all do with a reminder on how to make you home more appealing. Now we are almost at the end of January (!!) I’m sure you’re looking at that New Year’s Resolution of “Be more Organised” and thinking ‘I need to get on to that.’

Here are some classic tips on how to get this underway.

1 – Just start.

The hardest part is starting. Once you start making those piles of ‘Throw Away’, ‘Give Away’ and ‘Store Away’, the momentum will quickly build, and you will no doubt feel rather pleased with yourself.  So pick a room, any room and go for it. It might be best to start with a small room, like the bathroom and go from there.

2 – Less is best –  or E E E E E

If you don’t bring it into your house, then you don’t have to find a home for it. Really think about something before you purchase it. Think about if it’s ‘Essential’ or ‘Extraordinary’ in some way. Is the quality ‘Exceptional’? Can it make your life ‘Easier’? Now, where will it live ‘Exactly’?

3 – A home for everything

Every little thing needs to have a home. It’s often easier to have like with like. So all your coffee-making accessories can live together, maybe the mugs live there too. All the office products should be in the same spot. It will save you time when looking for things too.

4 – We’re not paperless yet

Even though that is the direction we are heading, we are not 100% paperless yet. So any paper that comes in should be systemized – make a system. The paper comes in from the mailbox and goes into the file on your bench, which is then taken upstairs at the end of the day and put away…. Make a system that becomes automatic, so it’s less traumatic.

5 – Run with it

The organizational bug has hit? Then go with it, stop reading your Facebook page and get up and throw away that pile you were just thinking about it. If you sit and think about it for an hour or two, the inspiration will pass and it will be harder to get started. Just Start.

6 – Don’t stress

Don’t become overly pedantic. If you have kids, this is even more important. Teach them (and yourself) where every item lives and do the best you can every day. Try and stay on top of it everyday. However, if on a Friday night after a busy week you look at the bench and it’s full of papers and flotsam, take a breath and deal with it in the morning.

Getting organised is one thing, staying organised is a different beast. You will accumulate things over time, just make sure that you revisit every so often to clear the clutter and get things in order. When you have a lot of ‘things’ around it’s easy for the house to get messy. Messy equals ‘visual stress’ and stress is something we can do without.

What about you, do you have some tips on how to make things more organise?


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