Discrimination is a Good Thing.

1182571_99590542I discriminate, and I bet you do too. If not you should.  I don’t discriminate against race, religion, color, sex, disabilities, country of origin or any other legal categories.

Who I do discriminate against, are bad tenants

It makes good business sense to be biased and to discriminate, you will thank yourself later if you do.

I vow to discriminate against:

  • Those who do not pay their rent on time
  • Those who do not look after the property – this includes making piles of rubbish inside and outside the property
  • Those who annoy  the neighbours
  • Those who have no consideration at all
  • Those who damage the fixtures and features
  • Those who think cleanliness is overrated
  • Those who don’t earn enough money to pay the rent
  • Those who have a spotty work history – who can’t hold down a job for more than 3 months

What is your list? Who do you discriminate against?


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