The ‘Getting ready to Re-Let’ Makeover – only takes an hour (or so).


Your tenants have moved out and now you need to roll up your sleeves and dig into the property to give it a spruce up before showing to new tenants.

Sounds daunting and unappealing right?

Well it’s doesn’t need to be. It’s amazing how little you need to do to make it look appealing for new tenants. There is a caveat of course, this is if your property has been well maintained and there is nothing major that needs to be repaired. If your property is due for some regular maintenance and repairs, get on to it, now is the best time since you don’t need to work around people and belongings.

So grab your mates and family, or call in your contractors and get stuck in:


  • The Garden – An overgrown yard is unappealing. Just like when you mow your own lawn, it always feels fresh and clean. So weed, mow, straighten out the yard, put in some flowers and re-grass any bald patches, add mulch and it will look great.
  • The Letterbox – Is it looking rather tired and beaten up? Replace it.
  • The Fence – Any repairs that need to be done? Would a coat of paint (if applicable) be a good idea?
  • Clean it – Hiring a high-powered pressure washer is a great idea. Clean the house, the drive, the steps, the fence, the garage. Get rid of mould, mildew, dirt and neglect. This is probably the one area that will give you the biggest bang with little effort (apart from getting wet).


  • Clean – Clean the carpets/floors, the windows, walls and ceilings. Make it smell and look fresh and clean.
  • Repair – Any wobbly bits or broken bits. Think about hinges, door stops picture holes etc.
  • Paint – If you don’t want to paint everything, refresh the framing around the windows.
  • Replace – Hardware and window treatments (if the budget allows)

If you had a team of people working on the property and they all took on one of the above tasks, I’m sure an hour would get the property spruced up.

What is your favorite trick to improve the look of a property?


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