Neutral or Bold for your Rental?

So you have a unique design style your home looks like it comes out of an architecture magazine. You have funky paint, reclaimed furniture and your light fittings are made from recycled baskets.  Now you would love to put your ‘flair’ into your rental property, you are convinced it would stand out and people would line up at the gate, wanting to rent your property.

Good idea?

No, bad idea. Sorry.

You may love that style, but what about those people who like more of a french country look, or those who like a traditional home, or even the people who prefer a nautical theme? You’ve just knocked out all those people as potential tenants.  

If you have bright red walls and your potential tenants have blue furniture, they are going to think long and hard before signing a lease.

As much as you may love a particular theme, it doesn’t mean that potential tenants will too. It also may mean that you’re going to have to carry out more maintenance than you anticipated or budgeted for. You may even see a higher turn over in tenants.

So the rule of thumb with a rental is keep it neutral. Go for gold on your home, but to maximize the interest of potential tenants in your rental property, neutral paint, neutral flooring, neutral fittings… neutral, neutral, neutral.

Do you agree, or have you had great success with a ‘statement rental’?

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