How to get your Rental Bond back – Fast.

What’s the fastest way to get your rental bond back from your landlord? If you have vacated the property then make sure you follow these steps and you will get it back in flash. There is nothing worse than it taking weeks or even months to get your money back, which is usually earmarked for some other purpose. So here’s the best way to get your money.

Leave it how you found it
Make sure that the property is in the same condition that it was in, when you moved in. If there is no damage beyond normal wear and tear, then the landlord has no grounds to hold up the money to be used for repairs. This is the most critical factor in getting your bond back quickly.

The fastest way to get a refund is by using direct credit with your bank. If your bank account has changed then make sure the Tenancy Authority knows about it, otherwise it will have a hard time getting it back to you swiftly. 

Where to?
If you are getting the refund in cheque form, where is it going to be mailed to? Do you want it sent to a family member so you know it’s not going to get lost in the post? Or do you have a new permanent address that it should be sent to? Make sure the appropriate people know. It is NOT your landlord’s responsibility to pass along this information, it is yours.

Sign off
Are all the right signatures in the right place on the right forms? It seems obvious, but you might be surprised how some people think if anyone signs any old form they will get their money back. This is not the case, the Tenancy Authority take this seriously and so should you. Make sure all tenants listed on the rental agreement signs the form.

All Agreed?
You can submit online for your rental refund, as long as all parties have signed and agreed to the form. This means that the tenants and landlords all agree that the bond should be refunded in full, or in part.

If there is a disagreement, then there are more steps to undertake. The Tenancy Authority will release any uncontested funds, but a dispute will be lodged to try and mediate the remaining funds.

So the key is to leave the property as you found it, have all the contact details up-to-date and then use technology to your advantage. However, if there is a dispute between the tenant and landlord the disputed funds will take some time to sort out.

How long did it take you to get your bond back?

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