Moving House? Minimise Damage to your Belongings.

Moving is not usually on people’s list of ‘Fun Things to Do’, because it’s time consuming, and it’s physically and mentally draining. Add to that – things break, which is frustrating!

So what are some of the most common items that break in transit, and how do you minimize the breakages? 

Glass and Pottery:
It doesn’t really come as much of a surprise that glass would be the #1 item to undertake damage. So it behooves you to make sure that you protect it well. The more precious it is to you (like your great-grandmother’s china) then the more time it will take, to prepare it for moving.

Get the right box. Nothing to big. You don’t want to put 20 kilos of glassware in one box, you’re asking for trouble. 

Wrap the items individually and try and make sure they are not touching each other. But not too tightly. You don’t want the spout of your teapot to break off because you were a bit too enthusiastic with wrapping.

Label the box! 
If it’s priceless, make a special trip with these boxed items (if possible) to ensure their safe delivery.

The bigger the piece, the more awkward it is to move and therefore, more likely to incur damage. Depending on how valuable the art is to you and how large your collection, it may pay to hire a dedicated art removal company. They specialise in large canvases and sculptural pieces.

If your collection isn’t too vast, but it is important to you, then you or your moving team should have a few custom crates that will allow your art to fit securely inside (along with packing material) so they don’t move around.

Do you have some funky but odd shaped furniture? This is a prime candidate for damage. Regular couches and tables don’t pose much of a problem, but an oversize antique armoire is likely to not fare so well.

The other point to consider, is they are likely to be heavy! So employ experts or have a lot of help. Wrap them in blankets and wrap securely, this will help minimize any bumps and scraps it might receive.
Remember to consider the place that you are moving into. Is there space to get around tight corners with this furniture? If not, what is your plan to get it in?

Sports Gear:
People don’t think their bike or kayak will get damaged. But you would be surprised. Sports equipment gets damaged, a lot. They are shoved in the moving van and the next thing you know when they are pulled out at the other end they are banged up and possibly damaged beyond repair. Think about what gear you are moving – bikes, boats or tennis raquets.
Make thoughtful choices when putting it in the back of the van – or let the experts handle it.

If you have a green thumb, then watch out for your green friends. It’s common for pots to be broken, plants to tip over and other items falling on your plants, which they don’t appreciate.

A trick is to not water your plants a few days in advance of the move so that they are lighter to carry. Put them in boxes – but make sure the boxes have holes so they can breathe. Also pack them last, and unpack them first, so they have a better chance of settling in well.

So what’s your experience with moving? Have you had items not on this list that seem to break more than others? This doesn’t include you it’s pretty much guaranteed that you will end up with wither a scrape a bruise or a pulled muscle of some kind.

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