How to Make a (Good) Impression on your Tenants.

New tenants are special! You should to treat them with respect and make them feel welcome, if you would like a long-term relationship with them – i.e. turn them into long-term tenants. It doesn’t take all that much effort to not only make them feel welcome, but to also highlight some property features that might need some extra care.

For example,if you have recently installed new carpet, this is a great opportunity for you to get across how to look after it. Or, if you have invested in landscaping, this a great opportunity for you to get across care for certain plants (hopefully you have landscaped so it is very low maintenance.)

You  can achieve all  – making them feel welcome, along with not looking overly intrusive  – by creating a ‘Welcome Kit’

A ‘Welcome Kit’ doesn’t need to be too exhaustive, but is a great way to differentiate yourself from other landlords and makes your tenants truly feel welcome. In this ‘kit’ you could include some or all of the following:
  • Contact details for you (Landlord) or your property manager
  • Information on rubbish days
  • Local event information
  • Good take aways in the area
  • Public transport schedule (or web address)
  • Tip Sheet on garden care (or harvest dates for any fruit/vege)
  • Tip Sheet on carpet care possibly even include a can of carpet cleaner
  • A few extra energy efficient light bulbs
  • Picture hooks (you don’t need to provide many, but this is a subtle way of saying what you would like them to use in the future).
  • Other little things that you think are important to your property.
Imagine if you were a new tenant to your property. When compared to any previous landlords, wouldn’t you think far more favorably of the landlord who tried to make you feel welcome?

Yes you are in this for business, but a little effort can make you seem less ‘evil property tycoon’ and more approachable.

So have you done something similar for your properties, or do you not think it’s worth the time?


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