Make a Small Place Feel Larger

You have a small place, and you want to make it feel bigger. Either you want to rent it out, are hoping to sell it, or maybe you are happily living there but want more space.

How do you make it feel, more spacious? A great website which has lots of inspiration is Apartment Therapy. You could spend a lot of time on this website. But here are some basics.

Step 1 – Clear out the extras.

Nothing makes a place feel small and uninviting quite like clutter. If you walk into a place and all you see are nick knacks, piles of stuff and a jammed kitchen bench, you are not going to have such a favorable impression of the place. There are untold number of websites that can help you reign in your clutter, here is a good one to get you on the way.
The adage, ‘less is more’ is key. Do you really need it? If so, do you really need it on display?

Step 2 – What’s this space for?

Do you have a nook that could be used for a small dining table but is currently housing your bike, a computer and a train track? Make it it’s own space. If you are trying to impress tenants or buyers, the will think more favourably about the place if they feel they are getting another room. Put a  small table in there so that prospective tenants (buyers) can visualize what it could be used for. 

Step 3 – What have you got?

Do you have interesting features which you are not highlighting? Give your place a point of difference by highlighting rather than hiding. If you have an interesting wall nook, rather than cover it up (or jam it full of stuff), highlight it with interesting artwork or flowers. A small alcove can be a great place for a reading areas or shelving, depending on the space. Make what you have interesting and appealing.

So look at your place from an outsiders eye? What would be appealing to them? What do you think would be interesting? How could your place to stand out next to the 20 others in the neighborhood? It can be daunting, or you can make it fun.

What have you done to make your place look larger and more appealing?

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