So, Your Tenants Left You With Fleas? 5 DIY Tricks for Effective Flea Eradication

We are lucky enough to have a guest blogger today. Shaun Peterson, of Pink Pest Inspections from Sydney writes about a topic that no one wants to think about, but we will have to deal with at one point or another. FLEAS

Is your home currently being taken over by fleas? If yes, then it’s time for you to learn how to get rid of these annoying little insects once and for all. Spring and Summer are the two seasons you can expect to see the most fleas, as these are the times of year that they really start to make themselves known. Although fleas love warm and humid temperatures, they also survive in colder temperatures, which can make them a nuisance all year round.

Since fleas are one of the more common types of insects that are found in one’s home,
most people tend to know some of the more common ways of getting rid of fleas, like treating pets with flea control medicine and setting off foggers inside the whole house. Today we’re going to give you a few lesser-known tricks that have proven to be very useful.

The following are 5 things you can do to help prevent flea infestation:
1. Use a Strong Cleaning Agent, i.e. Pine O Cleen – Although this won’t actually kill the fleas, they don’t like the smell. Once you start using the cleaning agent to clean your floors and countertops, it’s highly likely that you’ll start to see fleas coming out from their hiding places. 

2. Alternatively, Use a Natural Pesticide – For those of you who try to steer away from using any unnatural products, there’s a natural pesticide called Diatomaceous Earth, also known as D.E. Diatomite, which is completely safe to use. 

3. Keep all Animals inside for 30 Days – Although this may be too difficult to do, it’s important if you really want to get rid of those fleas. If you have to take your animals outside, try to take them somewhere that has a lot of pavement, as fleas love to live in grassy areas. 

4. Disturb Their Habitat – Since fleas love to make their home in things like carpets and clothing and pillows and furniture, as well as cracks in floors, do your best to deter them from being able to use these places to live. Washing and putting any pet beds away in the garage and covering the furniture with plastic covers are two really effective ways to disturb their habitat.

5. Wash all Clothing & Bedding in Hot Water – Once you’ve done all you can with the above tricks to get rid of fleas, it’s time to wash everything. Try to wash using the hottest temperature setting possible, and be sure to throw everything in the dryer for at least 30 minutes at a high setting. Although this method may not kill all the fleas, it will make a big impact. 

Guest PostBy Shaun Peterson, Pink Pest Inspections 
About Pink: Pink Pest Inspections are undoubtedly Sydney’s Termite and Pest Control Specialists. We’re committed to delivering a no mess, no fuss service which draws upon our 30-years of experience in the industry. Looking for a family-owned pest service you can trust? Visit Pink today. (

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