July Article Round Up

I can’t belive we are now in August! The Olympics are on, we are making it through winter and before we know it spring will be on us.  

So what articles did I enjoy during July?

WA Carves Home For High Earners 

Australia’s highest earners no longer reside in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs or within Inner Melbourne, but in Western Australia, according to the results of the latest census.

Moving Day Horror Stories

When Greg and Sally Slack moved from Colorado to Missouri in 2004, they took along two very excited golden retrievers and towed a boat.

The night before they left, one of the dogs jumped up and broke Sally’s nose. The day of the move, a boat trailer tire went flat near the Colorado/Kansas border; fortunately they had a spare. 

This is based in New York, but it applies to everyone really.
Q. Last year I inherited a five unit walk-up building on the Upper East Side after my mom passed away.  The apartments are all market rent and most of the renters have been there for less than a year or two. 

Median prices rebounded in the June quarter assisted by limited top-end Melbourne house activity, but still remain 5.3% lower annually, according to the Real Estate Institute of Victoria.
The enclosed suburban shopping mall has become so synonymous with the American landscape that it’s hard to imagine the original idea for it ever springing from some particular person’s imagination. Now the scheme seems obvious: of course Americans want to amble indoors in a million square feet of air-conditioned retail…


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