Starting Your Tenancy [what you need to know]

At the beginning of your tenancy, you need to:
  • Carefully read and understand the tenancy agreement before you sign it
  • Get the landlord or agent’s contact details
  • Pay the bond if required
  • Pay rent in advance if required
  • Fill out and keep a copy of the ‘Condition Report’
The tenancy documentation legally required to be given to you once your tenancy has been approved differs slightly from state to state and country. However, the following items are required in most states:
  • Information booklet relating to renting in your state
  • Copy of the Tenancy Agreement
  • Copy of the Bond Lodgement form
  • Original and copies of the Condition Report – to be checked, completed and signed, then returned to the office in the required time frame
  • Receipt for initial rent amount, lease fees and bond monies
  • Photocopy of all access keys and remote controls (if any)
  • Emergency contact number details
    Your property manager will be able to offer you additional information applicable to your particular circumstances.
    Resources: Complete Guide to Renting; applicable in Victoria, Australia

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