QR Codes in Property Management – a new gizmo or real value?

Our website and branding is currently being redesigned and one of the topics to come up during this process is QR codes.  Q what codes I hear you ask!  Let me share what I have learnt and how I think this technology could be great for property management.

[Scenario] Driving past a property you like with a rental sign out front.  Would you rather see this…

67 The Road, Melbourne $395 per week, Boasting solar energy and on a generous corner block in this prime position sits this neat, older style, cream brick veneer home with 3 bedrooms and versatile living areas.Features include:* Formal Lounge* Separate Dining* Large, updated kitchen with heaps of storage* Spacious main bedroom with mirror robes and Ensuite* Two further bedrooms* Enormous rumpus/family room with timber floors* Ample undercover and additional parking for trailer or caravan* Pets are welcome when you move into this low maintenance home. Contact True Property Management on 03 9001 1559 or visit www.truepmvic.com.au for more information.

or this…

A single image that when scanned will instantly display up to 4,296 characters of text, a website with multiple photos, perhaps even a virtual tour, a ready to send SMS message requesting a showing, a ready to dial phone number, and many other virtually limitless options.

QR code is an acronym meaning Quick Response code. It seems as though QR codes are the latest rage in advertising. But what are they? Without getting into the computer advantages of using QR codes versus standard bar codes; they are in essence a 2D bar code allowing you to pack a large amount of information in a small space.

Consider giving a new contact your business card.  What will they do with it, go back to their computer and load you into their contacts folder … unlikely!  They may keep it in their wallet for a few weeks, or put it in the drawer when they get back to the office – never to find it again.  What if your business card, office stationery or signage featured a QR code can be scanned with their smart phone or tablet to have all your contact details instantly updated.  The chances have just risen dramatically that they will have your number on hand when they need you.  In fact, thanks to the QR code they will probably remember you over others whom they may have called.

The QR shown in this post will bring you to this blog, but it could have just as easily brought you to you a map or any other website.

As mentioned above the max QR code is 4,296 characters but the larger the amount of data you store the more complex the QR becomes and the larger it needs to be printed in order for it to be scanned. If this occurs you may want to post the info to a website and link there or simply rethink the use of the QR code. The key to any technology is proper use.

Here are some ways we have found to use QR codes:

Business cards
As mentioned at the beginning of this post, you can add a bit of tech on your cards by placing a QR code that links to your contact info to easily enable someone to reach you. When networking you want your business cards to stand out and what better way to start a conversation and be memorable than to have a QR code on the back of your card.

Rental Signs
Rather than constantly paying to have new rental signs printed you can place a QR code on the sign with a link to your latest rentals or specials.
Newspaper ads
Stand out from the crowd and place QR in your ad, linking to all your rentals with full color photos and more text then you could ever afford to place in the paper. I would be sure to place a line similar to this at the bottom of the ad. “Scan the QR code above to view our rentals or call True Property Management (Vic) Pty Ltd @ (03) 9001 1559” in case their reader doesn’t have QR.
Okay so now we know what QR codes are and some handy ways of using them for marketing purposes. But how do you get them?
QR Readers
Here are some QR Readers I have found to be recommended: Google Goggles, Beetagg, Scanlife, AT&T Scanner, Quickmark, QR reader

QR Generators
Google offers a QR code generator. Kaywa also seems popular as does Zxing.

In summary, there seem definite advantages in terms of reduced advertising costs and showing your owners that you embrace technology. Negatives could be that QR codes appeal to a more “techie” crowd and may not be well suited for all your rentals or clients.

Your thoughts?  Comment below as we would love to hear what you think.  Is this just another ‘gizmo’ you don’t have time (or the inclination) for or is this something you see a real value in?

4 thoughts on “QR Codes in Property Management – a new gizmo or real value?

  1. Then, you use the generator, type in the URL of the page. When you set the page, you can leave the other settings to their default values​​, and generate the code. Print media, you must download QR code vector format, or use a larger grid. In most cases.

    qr code generator


  2. To be the best in the field of property management, one must know and stay updated on local ordinances and state laws; be highly honest and ethical in enforcing property rules and rental policies; be detail oriented and organized with paper works; have good communication and computer skills; have a strong sense of duty and commitment; and be an exceptional follow-up person.


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