The ‘boomerang’ generation – why young adults are moving back into the family home

It used to be that we looked after our elderly parents, often inviting them back into the family home rather than face the pro’s and con’s of retirement villages.  However it seems the trend has swung the other way with many young adults choosing to move back into the family home as they look to either save for their own house, finance extended education or … are just happier to be living at home with the often more favourable dynamic of being treated as adults.

As a property manager we are seeing this more and more, for the most part parents enjoy both helping their children financially and in the energy and closeness that this brings to the family home.  There are young adults out there though who are taking advantage of their ‘long suffering’ parents, not contributing financially and treated the home as their fully serviced hotel room.  
PhD student Elyse Warner is now probing whether Mr and Mrs Rafter are equally as delighted for their children to yo-yo back after spreading their wings.  Her study needs 20 people aged 18-35 who have left home and then returned, and their families.  To take part contact 9251 7215, or
The full article is available on the Herald Sun’s site “More young adults are joining the ‘boomerang’ generation“.
Share using the comment form below whether you think young adults should or should not be encouraged to move from their parent’s family home ... and why.

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