Eliminating Apartment Pests

Eliminating apartment pests can be a long and aggravating process depending on the level of infestation and what is used to get rid of the pests. The most commonly reported apartment pests are cockroaches, mice and spiders. Each require a different approach when attempting to rid your apartment of them because each need specific chemicals that are meant to kill them and prevent re-infestation. Generally, over the counter products will only reduce the amount of pests that you see, but do nothing to attack the actual source of the infestation. A pre-purchase building inspection will provide you with immediate knowledge of how serious your pest problem is, along with the proper method needed to eliminate whatever creature is invading your apartment.

Cockroaches are the most difficult pests to eradicate from a dwelling, mainly because all these insects need to survive is moisture. In addition, they breed quickly and have a tough outer skin which efficiently protects them. This is why cockroaches need to be eliminated by effectively rendering females unable to breed. With a pre-purchase building inspection you will find out exactly where these roaches are hiding, how many you are dealing with, and how to kill them as swiftly as possible.

Attempting to eliminate pests with do it yourself kits will only prolong the infestation and may even make it worse. If you suspect you have a pest problem, we suggest you call professionals to eliminate the source.

Use A Top Pest Control Company

Utilizing the services of a professional, highly qualified pest control company is the first approach to take to control pests. They have the experience and products to use to help kill and eliminate all types of pests in and around a person’s home. They should be used on a regular basis for the best pest control results.

Keep House Extremely Clean

Pests are attracted to food and crumbs and dirt so it’s essential that the homeowner keep his house extremely clean. He needs to sweep and vacuum regularly. The dishes should be cleaned every day and not left in the sink overnight. All countertops in the kitchen and dining area should be thoroughly scrubbed clean with a disinfectant solution after meals. Corner areas shouldn’t be neglected as crumbs, food particles and dirt often accumulates there as well.

Close Up All Holes

It’s essential to patch up all holes that can be seen on the outside walls of a house. This will help prevent pests such as ants, termites and spiders from crawling through and invading the home. Special types of putty, concrete or wood can be used to close up all the crevices no matter where they’re located on the house. This type of repair work will ensure the best pest protection possible.

This article was contributed by Melissa Davis of www.buildandpest.com.au 
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