Refund of a Rental Bond

Queensland:  The RTA provides a safe and convenient way to receive a bond refund at the end of a tenancy. There are a few simple steps to follow.

  1. Complete a refund of rental bond (form 4) including the details of the bank account the refund should be paid to.
  2. Post the form to the RTA.
  3. Once approved by the RTA, the money is paid directly into the nominated bank account.

Refunding the bond when the tenant and the lessor/agent agree

If the tenant and the lessor/agent agree on how the bond will be refunded, a refund of rental bond form must be completed and signed by all parties then lodged with the RTA. The bond money can then be credited directly to the nominated cheque or savings account at any Bank, Building Society or Credit Union. For alternative bond refund options, contact the RTA direct on 1300 366 311.

Please note that Australia Post Offices throughout Queensland are NOT authorised to accept forms requesting direct credit refunds.

When the tenant and the lessor/agent do not agree

If the tenant and the lessor/agent don’t agree on how the bond should be refunded, either party can complete a refund of rental bond form and post it to the RTA. The RTA will process the first form it receives.

The party must indicate on the form the amount of bond they are claiming and also the date the tenancy ended.

When the RTA receives the form, they will send a notice of claim and a dispute resolution request (form 16), to the party or parties who have not signed the form.

The RTA allows 16 days (including 2 days to allow for postal delivery) for those that did not sign the form to send the RTA the dispute resolution request form 16. If the dispute resolution request is not received within that time, the RTA will pay the bond as directed on the first form received.

If a dispute resolution request is received by the RTA, the Dispute Resolution Service will assist the parties to resolve the dispute. If the dispute cannot be resolved a notice of unresolved dispute will be sent to the party that responded to the claim. They are then responsible for making an application to the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT). The application to QCAT must be made within seven days of receiving the notice of unresolved dispute. When the application is made to QCAT, they will give provide a receipt. The details of the receipt must be written on the tear-off slip included on the notice of unresolved dispute and returned to the RTA.

Procedures and legislation does vary from state to state.  The following link provides a good overview of State bond requirements and information. 

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